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Ohio Indian Trails

Third Edition

Frank Wilcox William McGill Richard S. Grimes

168 pages
The Kent State University Press
A facsimile edition of Wilcox’s classic 1933 pictorial survey of the Indian trails of Ohio

Shawnee, Miami, Delaware, Wyandot, Ottawa, Iroquois, and Mingo—tribes great and small, loosely confederated or warring with each other, pushed ever westward by the advancing white settlements—these were the native peoples of Ohio. They left behind little but their names, yet the trained eye can still discover the sites of their villages, the grounds where they fought, and the trails they used for trade, communication, war, and exodus.

In this classic and coveted volume, artist Frank N. Wilcox tackles the difficult job of mapping the Indian trails of Ohio. Basing his work on the journals and records of early settlers and soldiers, his knowledge of Native American ways, and his intimacy with the Ohio landscape, he locates and documents the major Indian towns and trails that crisscross the state. His maps, drawings, and watercolors beautifully evoke the lives and cultures of Ohio’s first peoples.

A new introduction by historian Richard S. Grimes affirms Ohio Indian Trails’ lasting contribution to our understanding of early Ohio.

Author Bio
Frank N. Wilcox (1887–1964) was an instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Art and was a central figure in the “Cleveland School” of artists. Best known for his watercolors of the rural America of his boyhood, his works are represented in leading museums and collections across the country. His love of the outdoors led him into explorations of Ohio’s past and much of his work reflects that interest and research.