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The Fourteen Holy Helpers

Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Hammer

112 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
The stories and special intercessory powers of 14 early Saint-Martyrs invoked for numerous special needs, such that they came to be called "The 14 Holy Helpers." St. Barbara, St. Blaise, St. Christopher, St. George, St. Catherine, etc. They are invoked against throat ailments, lightning, diabolical possession, fire, family troubles, etc. Includes prayers to each Saint. This book links the present age to the earliest centuries of the Church. Impr. 112 pgs,
Author Bio
The Rev. Father Bonaventure Hammer, O.F.M., was a priest and author of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His The Fourteen Holy Helpers: Early Christian Saints Who Are Powerful with God was compiled to inspire all the faithful to invoke St. George, St. Blaise, and the rest of the fourteen "Holy Helpers". Father Hammer's work was originally published in 1909 by the Benziger Brothers, New York, with the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. It was subsequently reprinted in 1995 by TAN, with the addition of footnotes.