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Popes Who Resigned

Benedict Xvi and 13 Other Popes Who Retired (or Were Deposed)

Thomas J. Craughwell

75 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
On February 11, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI shocked Catholics and the world by announcing that he would resign from the papacy. It was the first papal resignation in 600 years, and it has caused Catholics the world over to scramble for answers. Now, in Popes Who Resigned, Thomas J. Craughwell answers those burning questions, including: - Why did Benedict XVI resign… and why didn’t John Paul II? - What does the Catholic Church teach about papal resignation? - Who were the other popes that resigned, and why? - And much more. In these tumultuous times, Craughwell points even now to the rock that is the Catholic Church, digging into Canon law and Church history for answers. Popes Who Resigned is a must read for Catholics and non-Catholics alike who are trying to make sense of Benedict XVI’s resignation and what it means for the papacy, the Church, and the world.
Author Bio
Thomas J. Craughwell is the author of more than a dozen nonfiction books, including Stealing Lincoln’s Body, which was adapted into a documentary by the History Channel. He is also a Catholic Courses professor and has written for The American Spectator, Wall Street Journal, and other publications. He lives in Bethel, Connecticut.