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The Emperor's Soul - The 10th Anniversary Special Edition

192 pages
Tachyon Publications Llc

  • Deleted prologue: "The Imperial Fool"
  • Prologue commentary from the acclaimed podcast Writing Excuses
  • An original introduction from the publisher

  • When Shai is caught replacing the Moon Scepter with her nearly flawless forgery, she must bargain for her life. An assassin has left the Emperor Ashravan comatose, a circumstance concealed only by the death of his wife. If the emperor does not emerge after his hundred-day mourning period, the rule of the Heritage Faction will be forfeit and the empire will fall into chaos.

    Shai is given an impossible task: to create-to Forge-a new soul for the emperor in fewer than one hundred days. But her soul-Forgery is considered an abomination by her captors. She is confined to a tiny, dirty chamber, guarded by a man who hates her, spied upon by politicians, and trapped behind a door sealed in her own blood. Shai's only possible ally is the emperor's most loyal councillor, Gaotona, who struggles to understand her true talent.

    Time is running out for Shai. Forging, while deducing the motivations of her captors, she needs a perfect plan to escape.
    Author Bio
    Brandon Sanderson has hit the New York Times Bestseller List more than fifteen times, most recently at #1 with Rhythm of War. Brandon has written bestsellers in epic fantasy, science fiction, children's and young adult fiction, graphic novels, gaming adaptations, and more. His series works include Mistborn, Infinity Blade, Legion, Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians, the Reckoners, Skyward, and more. He has sold more than twenty-one million books internationally, and his books have been published in more than thirty-five languages. In 2022, Brandon launched a $40 million, record-breaking Kickstarter for his latest projects. Despite his busy schedule, Brandon continues to teach this creative writing focused on science fiction and fantasy. He is also one of the hosts of Hugo Award-winning writing advice podcast Writing Excuses. Brandon lives in Utah with his wife and children.