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Blood and Ink

An International Guide to Fact-Based Crime Literature

Albert Borowitz

586 pages
The Kent State University Press

Albert Borowitz provides a guide to “fact-based crime literature” focusing on two principal groups of works: non-fictional accounts of crimes and criminal trials, including essays, monographs, journalism, editions of court transcripts, prison histories, and criminal and police biographies and memoirs; and works of imaginative literature, such as novels, stories, or stage works, based on or inspired by actual crimes or criminals.

Blood and Ink, with forewords by Jacques Barzun and true-crime writer/historian Jonathan Goodman, will prove to be an invaluable resource to true-crime aficionados as well as to students and scholars of literature, cultural studies, and social history.

Author Bio
Albert Borowitz is a graduate of Harvard University with a B.A. in classics, M.A. in Chinese regional studies, and a J.D. He is also the author of Terrorism for Self-Glorification: The Herostratos Syndrome (The Kent State University Press, 2005). He is a retired partner from the international law firm of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue.