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Bountiful Calling

A Novel

Fred Burton

288 pages
Bancroft Press

Joe has a successful government position working with a state senator in Pennsylvania, Nicole and her family enjoy their life on their rural campgrounds, and the two seem headed towards romance and possible marriage. But Nicole's very way of life is threatened when the government takes over her father's property for fracking, stealing away the life her family has known for years.

Responding to this tragedy, Nicole finds her personal relationships strained, even the one with Joe. What will she do? As Joe weighs his career goals against his personal morals and individual aspirations, he's left with this fundamental question: Does he put his job above everything else, or risk a total professional loss for Nicole's sake?

Author Bio
Born and raised in Harrisburg, PA, Fred spent his career working in the computer information world, both for government and in the private sector. Now semi-retired and living in Baltimore, he has written two published books: Below and Above and The Old Songs.