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The Half-Life of Everything

A Novel

Deborah Carol Gang

320 pages
Bancroft Press
The Half-Life of Everything, realistic in every detail except for one speculative twist, places a once happily married man in the unwelcome situation of loving two women. David, who has never been unfaithful, is prepared to make the expected sacrifice. Two strong-willed women intervene and everyone finds themselves making unexpected choices. Deborah Carol Gang's debut novel skillfully poses today's questions: Can any marriage withstand the transformation of one partner into a lost and helpless child? When does a marriage end? What ultimately does one spouse owe the other? This lyrical and slightly off-kilter story refines those questions, ultimately finding answers in the often unexplored but fertile ground of friendship.
Author Bio
Originally from Washington, D.C., Deborah Carol Gang moved to the Mid-West for both college (Macalester College) and graduate school (Western Michigan University). She remained in Kalamazoo, Michigan for her work as a psychotherapist and because of her love of Lake Michigan. She now writes full-time. The Half-Life of Everything is her first novel.