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Discerning God's Presence

John D. Barry Derek Brown

128 pages
Lexham Press
Heir to a great promise, Jacob should have lived a life defined by God's presence. Instead, it was often characterized by conflict, deception, and selfish ambition. Yet, Jacob's story shows us how God remained with Jacob, just as He remains with believers today. Jacob: Discerning God's Presence will help you gain insights into Jacob's story as you explore the themes, context, and cultural background of the text. Find new ways to apply Jacob's life lessons to your own life with discussion and reflection questions. A collaborative effort by editor John D. Barry and writers Derek R. Brown, Miles Custis, Douglas Mangum, and Wendy Widder, this resource will help you dig deep into the life of Joseph. Walk with Jacob, and discover what it means to know and respond to God's presence.

Setting the Stage: Explore theme, literary context, and the histrical and cultural backgrounds of Jacob's story.
A Closer Look: Explore the narrative while considering issues of interpretation, original language, and theology.
Throughout the Bible: Examine references to the narrative elsewhere in the Bible.
Beyond the Bible: Consider references to the narrative in ancient documents and extracanonical texts and references and by theologians, the church fathers, and contemporary thinkers.
Application: Explore the events relevance to your journey of faith.