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1-3 John

Radical Hospitality

Carrie Sinclair Wolcott

64 pages
Lexham Press
As the old adage goes, you have to ask the right questions before you can get the right answers. And that's exactly what the Not Your Average Bible Study series helps you do. Rather than spoon-feeding you with individual facts, this study of 1-3 John coaches you on how to think through the text as a whole. Tested and proven in Bible Study Magazine, it's perfect for group and individual studies alike.

What does it mean to love "in deed and truth"? For John, following Jesus means fearlessly loving all those whom Jesus served. In three short letters, John challenges the church to reach out to those in the margins and embody radical hospitality--just like Jesus.

Each section of the guide begins with a concise introduction, providing context for the biblical passage. Next, you'll consider questions designed to prompt your own in-depth study. You'll also find specific prayer suggestions, along with ideas for further research. Experience the joy of discovering biblical insights for yourself--then apply these lessons to your everyday life.

This is not your average Bible study!
Author Bio
Carrie Sinclair Wolcott is a contributing editor for the Lexham Bible Dictionary and holds an MA in theological studies from Regent College.