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Your Behavior

Understanding and Changing the Things You Do

Richard H. Pfau

392 pages
Paragon House
This book will help you to: (1) analyze your own behavior based on a comprehensive understanding of why you do the things you do, (2) change your behavior if you want to, and (3) better understand why others behave as they do. Based on an approach that will take you beyond the outdated thinking that dominates psychology today, Dr. Pfau unveils informative secrets about human behavior, including the techniques that others use to influence what you do, how automatically and routinely you behave in most situations, and why. Our body's structure and organization affect what we do and help us to survive. Learn how our body and the environment around us interact to affect what we perceive and how we behave. Knowing this will put you at the cutting-edge of science and human behavior and allow you to understand your behavior and change it.
Author Bio
Richard H. Pfau earned a Ph.D. in science education and a B.A. with honors in psychology. He has served as a lecturer, professor, and consultant in International Management and International Education, spending several years in Africa and Asia. Dissatisfied with psychology's lack of appreciation of insights from the hard sciences, he spent many years in work and research aimed at understanding behavior around the world and developing a more up-to-date, scientific explanation of human behavior than that which dominates psychology today.