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Crisis of Catholic Authority

Faith and Power in the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska

Rachel Pokora

308 pages
Paragon House
Excommunicated! I could have never imagined this wordused to describe me. Yet, this is exactly what happened because of my newbishop's extra-synodal legislation excommunicating Catholics who belong tocertain organizations. An active and engaged Catholic, I found myself confusedas I confronted a rigid church that demanded unquestioning obedience. I feltbetrayed by a church that educated me to use my mind and then punished me whenI did so. Unfortunately, what has long been the case in the Diocese of Lincolnis spreading to other dioceses as well.
Author Bio
Rachel Pokora is a Professor of Communication at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She has a Ph.D. in Communication from Purdue University 1996, with a major in organizational communication and a minor in religious studies. She has been active her entire lifetime in the Roman Catholic Church, with fifteen years as a member of Call To Action, Nebraska, including five years as President.