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Aware, Awake, Alive

A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Science of Integral Health and Human Flourishing

Elliott Dacher

300 pages
Paragon House

Dr. Dacher's new book includes a meditation CD.

"Aware, Awake, Alive details the essential needs of our inner spirit. The author's personal wisdom, professional knowledge, and mastery of sacred teachings ensures that this book fulfills its promise to lead the reader into a deep and profound inner journey of self-awakening. Aware, Awake, Alive is absolutely stunning. I hope millions of people will read this book." --Caroline Myss Author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

"Elliott Dacher has the heart of a sage, the voice of a muse, and the skill of a trained physician. His writing offers an approach to healthcare that blends contemplative practice and optimal health practices. As we embody the wisdom of this book, we find a roadmap that can lead each of us to healthier and happier lives. I strongly recommend this book." --Marilyn Schlitz, President/CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Author Bio
Elliott S. Dacher, M.D., a past fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a past advisory board member of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, is a frequent presenter and seminar leader. Dr. Dacher's previous books include: Integral Health, Whole Healing, and Intentional Healing.