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I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands

The Other Side of OCD

J.J. Keeler

170 pages
Paragon House
Living with OCD is not for sissies. J.J. Keeler proves that. From her fears of the bomb in her teddy bear, to her fear of having run over innocent pedestrians, to her fear that she has killed her waiter, she tells her story in a way that allows us to see inside her disease and to see that she has not lost her sense of humor. This light-hearted yet serious and comforting look at OCD lets some light into the closet of sufferers. This book is for those with OCD, those who love someone with OCD, and for those who would like to know what it's like to live with the daily challenges of OCD.
Author Bio
J.J. Keeler has lived with OCD for her entire life. She has a bachelor's degree in English literature, runs a successful business, and is happily married with six pets. She is living proof there is life with OCD.