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Olivia's Story

The Conspiracy of Heroes behind Shelley v Kraemer

Jeffrey S. Copeland

365 pages
Paragon House

The story of the landmark 1948 Supreme Court decision, Shelley v Kraemer, told through the voice of one of the participants, an African-American teacher in the St. Louis schools.

Many battles have been fought through the years to gain dignity, justice and equality for all in America. Few of those battles have had the lasting significance and impact of the one described in the telling of Olivia's Story. Olivia Merriweather Perkins joined a brave group of people in St. Louis, Missouri who came together, without regard to their personal safety and well-being, to fight for rights that had been denied to people of color, the right to property. Their sacrifices eventually led to "Shelley vs Kraemer," one of the most important legal battles of modern times, the impact of which was felt in every corner of America. This legal case changed the face of a nation, not only in housing but also in other area taken for granted today.

Author Bio
Jeffrey Copeland is Professor and Head of the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Northern Iowa, where he teaches children's and young adult literature courses and English Education. He has authored and edited numerous books, including Speaking of Poets and Young Adult Literature: A Contemporary Reader. A native St. Louisan, he lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa.