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Philosophy of Sex and Love

An Introduction 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded

Alan Soble

322 pages
Paragon House
This is an introductory textbook in the philosophy of sex and love by one of America's best known authors on the topic. It is a critical overview of the nature, and the ethics, of sex and love. Most of the book focuses how 20th-century thinkers in various intellectual traditions have conceived of sexuality and love. Throughout, the book's approach to the philosophy of sex and love is analytic, historical, and social. Topics addressed include the nature of sexual pleasure, sexual desire, and sexual activity; the relationship between judgments about the biological, psychological, and social natures of human beings and judgments that certain sexual behaviors or desires are sexually perverted; the possibility of constructing plausible and comprehensive principles of sexual ethics; the moral and social issues of rape, pornography, prostitution, adultery, promiscuity, masturbation, abortion, and contraception; the varieties and forms of love; the connections, logical and psychological, among sexuality, love, friendship, and marriage; and how issues within the philosophy of sex and love look different once gender is taken into account.
Author Bio
ALAN SOBLE, Ph.D., has taught "Philosophy of Sex and Love" as an undergraduate course over 50 times during his academic career. He has written three scholarly books on sexuality and one devoted to love as well as edited numerous teaching anthologies and an encyclopedia to be used in philosophy of sex and love courses. Dr. Soble is founder of The Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love. He now teaches at Drexel University in Philadelphia.