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The Vision of Judaism

Wrestling with God

Dan Cohn-Sherbok

300 pages
Paragon House
Does Judaism have a future? In this new book Dan Cohn-Sherbok provides an overview of the central beliefs and practices of the past, and offers a new vision of Judaism for the future. What is now required is a radical reinterpretation of the faith for modern Jews struggling to make sense of their religious heritage.Throughout the history of the Jewish nation, Jews have piously kept the covenant. Dedicated to God, they have seen themselves as His chosen people. Yet, from biblical times they have also challenged God. The tradition of wrestling with God begins with Jacob's confrontation with a divine messenger at the ford of the Jabbok river. Here Jacob struggled with God and thereby became Isr'l. The Jewish people collectively are Isr'l ('he who wrestles with God'). From biblical times to the present, religious Jews have struggled to make sense of God's nature and action in the light of contemporary knowledge. This book which presents a new vision of Judaism for the 21st century stands in this tradition.