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Sailing Alone Around the World (Nimbus)

Captain Joshua Slocum Silver Donald Cameron Thomas Fogarty George Varian

320 pages
Nimbus Publishing
“Few books send forth such a tangy breeze of salt air.” --Oceanography   As the first person to circumnavigate the globe alone, Captain Joshua Slocum is celebrated as the “patron saint of small-boat voyagers, navigators, and adventurers all over the world” (Joshua Slocum Society), and heralded as the penultimate example of independent marine navigation at a time when the invention of steam had nearly put an end to the Golden Age of Sail. His timeless account, Sailing Alone Around the World, still coveted by sailors and thrill-seekers alike, has continued to inspire scores of lone adventurers, and challenged countless readers to change their lives since its initial publication in 1900.   Much more than your typical sailor's yarn, Slocum's journey features unrivaled descriptions of gargantuan waves, ferocious winds, and mesmerizing cultural encounters. In Sailing Alone Around the World, Captain Slocum and his “wholesome and noble” ship, Spray, ultimately discover that a life truly lived is on the sea.   This new edition features the original illustrations by Thomas Fogarty and George Varian. (2012010
Author Bio
Born in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, in 1844 to a lighthouse keeper’s daughter and jack-of-all-trades, Joshua Slocum was raised with the sea. To escape the burden of his father’s failing business and mother’s death, Slocum left home at age sixteen as an ordinary seaman on a merchant ship. But his life at sea was to be anything but ordinary.