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A Land of Discord Always

Charles D Mahaffie

320 pages
Nimbus Publishing
From 1604 to 1755, the Acadian settlers of present-day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were the focus of political, economic, and military rivalries between France and Britain. Their stubborn nonconformity and political neutrality baffled and infuriated both European powers fighting for the upper hand. Finally, Britain's drastic solution was to expel them from their homes.

Little his been published about early Acadia (which included much of the Maine coast and the Maritimes) and the origins of the Acadians. This rich story, peopled with memorable men and women whose lives make fascinating reading, is skillfully chronicled by retired attorney and historical writer, Charles Mahaffie.
Author Bio
Educated at Amherst College and Harvard Law School, Charles Mahaffie Jr. was an attourney at the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, then a partner of Cleary Gottleib Steen & Hamilton in Washington, D.C. "I found the law entirely satisfying," he says. "But I hankered to try something different, and so, once the children were educated and the home paid for, I withdrew to apply myself to learning and writing history." His longtime interest in American colonial history led to a focus on the region once known as Acadia. "The story of Acadia furnished me a procession of colourful characters and the sort of accidents and event-shaping coincidences that make history an endless fascination."

The Mahaffie's divide their time between Bethesda, Maryland, and Bethany Beach, Delaware.