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Death’s Last Run

A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel

Robin Spano

408 pages
Ecw Press
A young snowboarder is found dead on the Blackcomb Glacier, and Whistler police want to close the case as suicide. The victim’s mother, a U.S. senator, says her daughter would not, and did not, kill herself. At her request, the FBI sends in an undercover agent — Clare Vengel — to find out who might have killed Sacha and why. Dropped into a world of partying with ski bums and snow bunnies, Clare soon discovers that Sacha was involved in an LSD smuggling ring. Worse: the top cop in Whistler is in cahoots with the smugglers, and Clare’s cover is too precarious for comfort. As suspicion snowballs, can Clare solve the case before she’s buried alive?
Author Bio
Robin Spano is a crime fiction writer who lives in Vancouver, B.C. She is also the author of Dead Politician Society (2010) and Death Plays Poker (2011)..