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Death Plays Poker

A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel

Robin Spano

422 pages
Ecw Press

World class poker players are being strangled in their hotel rooms, and Clare is given her second big assignment: to pose as a poker player in a major televised tournament, befriend the suspects, and find the killer in their midst.

Her cover role? A trust fund princess named Tiffany who thinks the poker tour is a better idea than college.

Though Clare would prefer to wear jeans and get her hands dirty, posing as Tiffany helps her infiltrate the inner circle quickly. And her flashy new wardrobe attracts the attentions of Noah — a dark stranger who's at the game for hidden reasons of his own. Rumors surface about a cheating ring that could be connected to the murders.

Clare loves the job and the game, but soon learns that there's no one she can trust. Her handlers doubt her every move — she has to fight to keep her job — and everyone she meets lies for a living.

As more victims lose their lives to the cunning Poker Choker, and her cover role’s legitimacy comes under attack from two directions, Clare wonders if her handlers are right: Should she pack it in and go home to a dull life as a beat cop? Or will she find the killer, prove her worth?

Author Bio
Robin Spano is a crime writer who wishes she lived inside the Charlie’s Angels TV show. As consolation for that being impossible, she writes a series where she sends a young female cop on cool undercover assignments – places Robin would love to go if she wasn’t petrified of danger. She lives in Vancouver with her more practical husband, Keith. She is also the author of Dead Politician Society (ECW 2010).