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Take As Directed

Your Prescription for Safe Health Care in Canada

Neil MacKinnon Rhonda Church

312 pages
Ecw Press
Take As Directed gives Canadians a much-needed guidebook to safely navigate our encounters with health-care providers and optimize the management of our own health. In recent years, evidence indicating that our health-care system can be made safer has emerged. Here, a family physician and a pharmacy professor discuss the role each of us can play in achieving the best and safest possible health outcome for ourselves and our families. In clear and engaging language, Take As Directed walks the reader through the call to the family doctor’s receptionist, the examination room encounter, the pharmacy counter, a visit to the emergency department, and a stay on the hospital ward, and outlines common pitfalls in these encounters. Health-care consumers will learn how to provide critical information to their caregivers and know what information they must obtain from them. Since many adverse health outcomes are related to the use of medications, readers will learn how to safely and effectively use their prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Take As Directed is the first and definitive source book to: offer down-to-earth advice on how Canadians can obtain good health care, even in a “sick” system. outline communication styles of health-care providers and offer tried-and-true tips and tricks on dealing with various “bedside manners.” offer guidance on optimizing the use of medications at home and reducing the chances of experiencing an adverse drug event, one of the commonest reasons for visits to Canadian emergency departments. identify trustworthy sources of health and medication information on the web. All health-care consumers will benefit from the sage voices of the authors, two of Canada’s most respected health-care professionals.
Author Bio
? Rhonda Church, M.D., has almost two decades of experience as a cradle-to-grave family physician. She currently practises in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, where she is on staff at the South Shore Regional Hospital. Neil MacKinnon, Ph.D., FCSHP, is Associate Director of Research, College of Pharmacy, and Associate Professor, School of Health Services Administration and Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.