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Profitable Vet Practice

Why a Veterinary Practice Is an Exceptional Investment

Timothy A. Brown Jackie Joachim

144 pages
Ecw Press
Profitable Practice: Why a Veterinary Practice Is an Exceptional Investment is an essential guide to the often-neglected business side of veterinary practices in Canada. Timothy A. Brown has been selling dental and veterinary practices for over 30 years, and with seasoned practice appraiser Jackie Joachim offers advice on setting up a business, efficient office management, and selling a veterinary practice. Useful for new graduates and experienced veterinarians alike, Profitable Practice helps veterinarians have successful careers and then retire profitably and with dignity.
Author Bio
Timothy A. Brown is the CEO of ROI Corporation, Canada’s leading professional practice appraiser, broker and publisher. His insights, research and experience in professional practice sales have made him a highly sought after seminar speaker and author of numerous articles for professional practice journals. He is also the author of Profitable Practice: Why a Dental Practice Is an Exceptional Investment. Jackie Joachim understands how a veterinary practice works. She began her career in banking by lending to veterinarians to buy and start practices. Joining ROI Corporation in 2013 as COO, Jackie has had the privilege of appraising thousands of practices across the country. Her personal goal for practitioners is to see them be strong business people who are able to take pride in their profession and reap the benefits of their hard work. Jackie lives in Toronto with her husband, daughter and family dog.