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Operating Room Confidential

What Really Goes On When You Go Under

Paul Whang

208 pages
Ecw Press
What really happens in the operating room of a hospital? Is real life just like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, or House?Dr. Paul Whang, Anaesthetist, reveals operating room curses and superstitions, the characteristics of a good surgeon, the personalities of the specialists caring for them, and the patients that doctors fear. Operating Room Confidential shares the inner truths about the operating room to the reader: the quirky, strange, hidden rhythms and routines that occur inside and around the O.R. What do doctors talk about during your surgery?If a surgical instrument falls to the floor, is the five-second rule observed?What characters do doctors encounter on a typical twenty-four-hour on-call shift?What are the personality quirks of doctors who practise different specialties? There are few books that give an insider’s view of the fascinating and sometimes strange rituals and protocols of the operating room, as well as the people who work there. Written by a doctor on the O.R. team, Operating Room Confidential is based on real people and actual incidents, and takes the reader on a journey that unveils the way the hospital works in an accessible, conversational style, without intimidating medical jargon. Insightful and funny, this is a must-read for the curiosity seeker and anyone who has been or will be on the operating room table.
Author Bio
Paul Whang MD FRCP is a Staff Anaesthetist at a busy urban hospital in Toronto, ON. As an anaesthetist, he works alongside all the surgeons and nurses as a key member of the O.R. team. He also consults with numerous hospital specialists, who follow patients before and after their operations. Amongst his colleagues, he is known for his easygoing personality, irreverent sense of humour, and as a keen observer of the human condition.