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The Line

A Story of a Hunter, a Breed and their Bond

William Urseth

296 pages
Ecw Press
William Urseth loves dogs, and even more, he loves what these dogs can do. Striking a perfect point, flushing grouse for hours, retrieving perfectly to hand; moments can steal your breath away. William Urseth loves bird hunting, and spending days in the field with a great dog can warm your heart. William Urseth loves business, and the chance to develop a perfect line of German Shorthair Pointers could not be missed. William Urseth is known for his hunting around the world on his TV show, Quest for the One, on the Outdoor Life Network, and on his Menz radio show in eastern Canada, but his stories center on his Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, his kennel and dogs there, and their hunts in the northern midwest of the U.S. His decision to breed German Shorthairs brought him to Jäger and Cent, who he bought after hiring an expert to find the best of this breed in the world. From these two, he would create The Line, generations of dogs that would not only win countless tournaments, but also create countless highs and heartbreaks as they spend their lives in the homes and hunts of William, his wife, and his friends. These stories are like the dogs they recount; they will steal your breath away, warm your heart, and should not be missed.
Author Bio
William Urseth is a lifelong outdoorsman who just “ loves to hunt and fish.” In the arena of Tournament Hunting, William is recognized as being the winningest player in tournament hunting history, including 16 U.S. Open victories. He currently serves as the Editor in Chief of Menz Tournament Hunter magazine in the United States and Menz magazine in Canada, as well as performing as the host of Menz Where the Adventure Never Ends radio show in Eastern Canada. Over the last three years, William has been a recurring host on Trevor Gowdy’ s television program In The Hunt and he is now the co-host of Quest for the One, on the Versus television network. A former U.S. Marine, William starts each day with 1½ hours of exercise, and hunts and fishes whenever he can. He lives in Montreal and Minnesota.