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Jon Paul Fiorentino Evan Munday

184 pages
Ecw Press
Stripmalling is the story of one young man’s embarrassing and hilarious journey to literary awareness. Jonny lives and works in a strip mall in suburban Winnipeg. For some people, this would be an exciting and fulfilling life. But Jonny has a dream: he wants to be a writer. He has almost everything he needs to make this dream come true: a supportive girlfriend, an active imagination, and an abundance of subject matter. There is only one obstacle: his own relentless stupidity.Imagine Proust without all those annoying words and insights. Imagine a book so funny, so clever that even just touching it makes you a smarter, better person. Part journal, part comedy routine, and part graphic novel, Stripmalling is a unique experiment in genre and voice that is ambitious, accessible and laugh-out-loud funny.Parts of Stripmalling have appeared on CBC Radio One’s All in a Weekend and in THIS Magazine, filling Station, Word, Event, Matrix, sub-Terrain, and Opium.
Author Bio
Jon Paul Fiorentino is the author of four books of poetry including Hello Serotonin and The Theory of the Loser Class, and one book of comedic fiction, Asthmatica. He lives in Montreal where he teaches writing at Concordia University and is the editor-in-chief of Matrix magazine. Stripmalling is his debut novel.