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Frak You!

The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica

Jo Storm

264 pages
Ecw Press
USA Today proclaimed, “You don’t have to love sci–fi to love Battlestar Galactica … a great TV series.” Frak You!: The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica will examine the universe of BSG — a drastically reduced population living in an apocalyptic world, fighting for the survival of the human race. This book examines the different ways in which apocalyptic events are depicted in science fiction; how the show blends early 2000s political content into a science fiction setting, dealing with topical subjects like treatment of war prisoners, armistice breaking, and the rules of engagement; how the resurgence-show compares to the original 1970s series and how the characters resemble their original namesakes; and looks at how war and survival are portrayed on the series, using themes of apocalypse, losing one’s home, capturing enemies, political torture, and the choices we make in desperate situations. The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica features an interview with the show’s executive producer, Ron Moore, and bios of the seven principal cast members. With an in–depth episode guide to the first three seasons of the show — analyzing the history of the Cylons and the show’s use of mythology, religion, and politics — and the interim “webisodes” that aired online between seasons two and three, Frak You! will be the only guide to this amazing show that fans will need.
Author Bio
Jo Storm is the author of Approaching the Possible: The World of Stargate SG-1. She lives in Toronto.