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Investing the Billionaire’s Way

The Genius of Patience

J. Richard Charlton Ned Goodman

230 pages
Ecw Press
Do you know how much wealth has been created in the past ten years by investing in great companies — and staying invested? But instead of investing, many of us are in fact speculating. We allow the surges in the stock market to frighten us out of our investments because we are not focusing on the fundamentals of the businesses that we partly own. By understanding how the billionaires think and invest, you too can achieve astounding wealth. “The stock market is a complex auction mechanism that constantly swings between the extremes of under-evaluation and over-evaluation. But the billionaire’s investment portfolio continues to be employed in ways that are diametrically opposed to the thinking of the vast majority of stock market players and managers. Market forecasts are ignored and portfolio turnovers are abhorred. Stocks are thought about as if they are the underlying business itself. Richard Charlton has written a book that allows every investor to understand, and use, the Warren Buffett style of admittedly simplistic, but highly profitable investing. I know that you will find this book intriguing and enlightening. Richard’s concept delivers superior results without undue risk. And isn’t that what we all want from our investments, and for our financial future?” — Ned Goodman, President and CEO, Dundee Corporation
Author Bio
J. Richard Charlton is a very successful investment advisor with Dundee Wealth Management in Oakville, Ontario. After helping build the AIC Group of Funds in the 1980s, he became a founding shareholder of Infinity Mutual Funds (now Dynamic Infinity Mutual Funds).