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You Don’t Need an MBA to Make Millions

Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur

Tim Moore Carol Davis Allan Gould

257 pages
Ecw Press
?Tim Moore’s summer job in the moving business led to the creation of the largest, coast-to-coast moving company in Canada – AMJ Campbell Van Lines. With 48 offices, Tim’s company generated $125 million in sales. Today, as one of Canada’s most successful businessmen, Tim is able to spot and mentor future entrepreneurs. Dozens of ordinary people were tutored by Tim to become successful business operators, and often, millionaires themselves. With his latest venture, Premiere Executive Suites, Tim has progressed from a single condo in Halifax to 400+ suites and townhouses in eight cities across Canada — in less than five years! In this book, he provides practical advice on how to start and run a successful business. Some of the chapters include “Creating a Second Successful Business,” “Real Estate . . . Always a Good Investment,” “Partners — and How to Choose Them,” “Nice Guys Finish First,” and “Making Your Business Stand Out from the Competition.”
Author Bio
Tim Moore’s first book, On the Move, was a bestseller in 1997. He travels widely across Canada, and is a well-known public speaker.