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Fiction for Lovers

A Small Bouquet of Flesh, Fear, Larvae, and Love

Tony Burgess

250 pages
Ecw Press
Fiction For Lovers is a collection of short stories depicting human intimacy as a stage for aggressive and violent deterioration. Vivisection, traditionally held as a repellant and punishable act, becomes a progressive marital aid. Worms the size of buildings, bugs numbering in the millions, and the partial logic of appearance are combined in new and refreshing ways, making Fiction For Lovers another must-read from the pen of this popular writer.
Author Bio
Tony Burgess lives in Stayner Ontario, with his wife Rachel Jones and their son, Griffin. He is the author of The Hellmouths of Bewdley, Pontypool Changes Everything, and Caesarea. Pontypool has been made into a film by Bruce McDonald.