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Jokes Men Only Tell Other Men

Jeff Silverman Lawrence Morgenstern Dave Cornell

144 pages
Ecw Press

They’re crude, tasteless, vulgar, and offensive. But enough about Cher’s hot tub parties. The organization that brought you stand-up comedy in malls and tap water in Evian bottles — YUK YUK’S — proudly presents a new frontier in publishing and revenue generation: Jokes That Men Only Tell Other Men, volume 3 in the Yuk Yuk’s Joke Book series. Great care and attention was paid to culling only the finest and most disgusting jokes. We weeded out jokes we felt had no basis in reality. While it’s true that a girl who lets you have her way with her and then turns into a pizza and a six-pack is an ideal date, it’s probably unlikely to ever happen. If you like a ribald laugh, chances are you’ll like the jests in this book. But for god’s sake, don’t let your mother find them.

Author Bio

Yuk Yuk's is a chain of comedy clubs with 14 locations in Canada. It is based in Toronto, Ontario.