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A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Harnessing Your Intuitive Gifts

Robyn Brown Robyn Burnett

240 pages
Ecw Press
A Journey of Spiritual Awakening: Harnessing Your Intuitive Gifts is both a biography and a teaching tool on how you can further your connection with the spirit world. Using her own life as an example, Judy Brown chronicles the difficult, violent journey she has faced. As a child, Judy could see, hear, and sense things that other people couldn’t. But she kept her silence about her gifts. After two disastrous marriages, and desperate to protect her daughters from harm, Judy finally embraced her gifts and moved forward to a new spiritual level. In this book, Judy demonstrates a typical “reading,” from the moment someone enters her space and through the various phases of therapy. Specific case studies help us to understand the depths of our own psychic talents, and we see many examples of people who have been helped by Judy to sort out their inner demons — by using their own “psychic” resources.Much of what Judy Brown can foresee is based on what each of us conveys by the way we talk, the way we act, the way we live. But Judy’s talent is being able to “read” people, and to sense more deeply than others what the next steps might be.
Author Bio
Judy Brown has been giving readings for 30 years, and is a certified life skills coach. Robyn Burnett is a Toronto-based writer whose books include A Chance for Life and Crash into Me: The World of Roswell, both published by ECW Press