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The Harmon Chronicles

Caillou, Fun all day

Harmon Leon

180 pages
Ecw Press
Leon is kind of like Tom Green, except that Leon is smart, and funny, and should have his own TV show. — Malice Inc. This hilarious collection of anecdotal essays explores the absurdities of modern American life. Harmon Leon is a cutting-edge prankster who infiltrates one lifestyle after the next, takes each to the absolute extreme, and reports back with his findings. From attending the regional semifinals of “America’s Most Beautiful Baby Contest”” to getting a job at a fast-food restaurant with the sole goal of getting himself fired in three hours or less, Leon exposes the day-to-day ridiculousness of the American Way. This book drags the highs and lows of contemporary American existence into the light for public scrutiny.
Author Bio
Harmon Leon worked on Might magazine with Dave Eggers and has written features in Cosmopolitan, Salon.com, Details, Maxim, and NPR’s This American Life. He lives in San Francisco, California.