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Who was Martin Luther?

Danika Cooley

96 pages
Christian Focus Publications

A fascinating introduction to the man who sparked the Protestant Reformation. This engaging biography covers key moments in Luther’s life, from his childhood to his brave stand against the Catholic Church. After a thunderstorm scare, this monk began seeking salvation. He was a reformer who inspired a continent to return to the Word of God.


With easy–to–understand language, the book explains important concepts like the 95 Theses and how Luther’s ideas changed the world. Exciting, educational and inspirational, this book makes history come alive and shows how one person’s courage can make a big difference.


Home school mom and Bible curriculum developer Danika Cooley introduces young readers to this key figure in the Reformation. The Who, What, Why series explores the lives, concepts, and movements that have shaped the lives of God’s people throughout history.


Featuring engaging narrative, beautiful illustrations and a timeline of key dates, this series introduces young people to big topics through simple questions.


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Author Bio
Danika Cooley (ThinkingKidsBlog.org) is an award–winning author and Bible curriculum developer. The homeschool mother of four graduated from the University of Washington. Bible Road Trip™ and ‘Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible’ are used by families around the globe.