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Buscando tu voz (Finding Your Voice) (Library Edition)

Una niña con apraxia ayuda a su nueva amiga a superar el miedo escénico

32 pages
Paw Prints Publishing

When new student, Violet, joins Mr. Garcia's class, everyone gives her a warm welcome. Especially Mandy and two become fast friends. Mandy admires Violet, especially her confidence when talking in front of the whole class. Even if Violet does it a little differently than most (Violet has apraxia of speech, which means she uses a tablet to help her speak). So, when it's Mandy's turn to get in front of the whole class to speak--for show and tell-she enlists the help of Violet. Together, the two help Mandy calm her nerves and find her voice.

Written in partnership with a tenured pediatric speech language pathologist, Jeremy's Big Role is both a fun story time read and a vetted resource for caregivers looking to have first conversations with young children about supporting their peers.

Author Bio
Jason Powe is a long-time children's book author of both fiction and nonfiction. Passionate about helping disadvantaged students, Jason has worked with psychologists and therapists to create a broad spectrum of support materials for special needs children-particularly stories that emphasize the development of social skills for children who are experiencing autism.