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Case of the Campground Creature

Karen Kelly Boyce

104 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

A Scary, Hairy Campground Creature!

Will the Sisters' vacation be relaxing and memorable?

What is lurking outside of Sister Krumble's tent?

Who is chasing Sister Wanda through the woods?

Meet the Sisters of the Last Straw, a community of Sisters trying hard to overcome their bad habits. Join these lovable misfit nuns as they learn to love God and forgive one another. As the Sisters set out for their first vacation together, their camper unexpectedly breaks down, changing their plans. The Sisters' new campground is home to a scary, hairy Creature. Will the Sisters work together to uncover the mystery of the elusive Campground Creature?

Author Bio
Karen Kelly Boyce lives on a farm in New Jersey with her retired husband. She has two grown children and two grandchildren. When she retired as a Registered Nurse, she rekindled her love of reading and writing. She has written for Canticle and Soul magazines. She has four published novels-- "According to Thy Word" "Into the Way of Peace" "Down Right Good" and "In the Midst of Wolves." The first three have received the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writer's Guild. "Down Right Good" received the 2012 Eric Hoffer award for commercial fiction and was a finalist for the Montaigne Medal. When her grandchildren were born, Karen started a children's series. "The Sisters of the Last Straw" is a series of humorous mysteries that are solved by a group of misfit nuns. There have been six volumes published by Tan books/ St. Benedict's Press - the Case of the Haunted Chapel, The Case of the Vanishing Novice, the Case of the Stolen Rosaries, the Case of the Flower Phantom and the Case of the Christmas Tree Capers. The Case of the Easter Egg Escapades has just been released! Book #3 -the Case of the Stolen Rosary- has been awarded third place for best Children's book by the Catholic Press Association. She is also currently writing a trilogy for middle-grade students. "Jenna's Journey" has just been released. It is available at www.penitpublications.com Karen is a columnist for the CWG Blog and her column "Learning the Craft" appears monthly. Her personal blog and information can be found at www.kkboyce.com She is currently working on future books while enjoying farming, camping, and road trips with her husband.