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A Catholic Survival Guide for Times of Emergency

Nick Donnelly

208 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

This short book was written during the COVID-19 pandemic when churches were closed in response to rising infections and deaths around the world. One thing we have learnt from this crisis is that life-changing emergencies can hit at any time. During times of personal, family or national emergency it may not be possible to have recourse to the sacraments or the assistance of clergy at the very moment you desperately need them. Understandably, this can cause great distress and anxiety. Thankfully, God in His providence has provided traditional devotions, approved by the Church, that give you access to His forgiveness and grace, the assistance of His saints, and guidance from the doctrinal wisdom of His Church. A Catholic Survival Guide for Times of Emergency will help you know what to do:

  • when deprived of Confession or Holy Communion;
  • when suffering life-threatening situations without a priest;
  • when preparing for God's Judgement on your own;
  • when a family member is dying or has died on their own;
  • when grieving without the assistance of a priest.

This book will also provide you with Sacred Scripture for times of emergency, traditional prayers for times of national emergency, and guidance about when and how to perform an emergency baptism.

Author Bio
Deacon Nick Donnelly is a permanent deacon of the Diocese of Lancaster. He has served as a diocesan advisor on pastoral renewal, a diocesan consultant in adult formation, and has written catechetical programs for various dioceses. He was a co-founder of the School of the Annunciation, England. He is the author of over seventeen books for the Catholic Truth Society, has worked for EWTN GB, and has written for Church Militant, National Catholic Register, LifeSite News, Catholic Voice Ireland, and the traditional blog Rorate Caeli. He runs the popular twitter site, @protectthefaith.