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Forever Yours

A Song for a Child

Priscilla Hart

32 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

Forever Yours, A Song To A Child is a read-aloud rhymed picture book which shares a parent's timeless and unconditional love for her child — simply the most important message a child will ever receive.

It is designed to be read with a child any time, anywhere –- during the day or at bedtime, during a hospital stay, in a car or on a plane when home is far away, and during life's uncertain moments. Filled with images and metaphors from a child's innocent landscape, transported on rhymes that are always love-filled, Forever Yours will touch your child's soul forever.

This beautiful “song” will bring a tear to every parent's eye. Join author Priscilla Hart as she puts into words just how special our children are to us. Using rhyming phrases and imagery redolent of a wonderful time in the relationship between parent and child, Hart's song will find its echo in your own life . . . and those of the little ones you love, even if, perhaps especially if, they are not so little anymore.

The beautiful illustrations by Michael LaVoy enhance the poignancy of the words, so that the two, text and pictures, combine to create a book that will hold a special place in your heart . . . forever.

Author Bio
Priscilla Hart has loved children’s literature ever since she read Charlotte’s Web as a girl and discovered that a mere spider could save the life of a pig and become a hero. Hart later became an award-winning journalist and had the exhilarating experience of traveling around the world. She began writing children’s stories after the birth of her two sons. She believes children’s literature provides one of the sparks that helps ignite the courage, curiosity, and compassion children will need on their journey of life.