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Inside the Light

Understanding the Message of Fatima

Angela de Fatima Coelho

272 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

There may be no person on the globe who knows more about the story of Fatima than Sr. Angela de Fatima Coelho. As a little girl growing up in Portugal, she used to pray at the tombs of Jacinta and Francisco Marto. Many years later as a sister of the Alianca de Santa Maria, she would become the postulator for their cause of canonization. This journey would lead her to visit with Sr. Lucia several times and eventually become the vice postulator for her cause as well.

Sr. Angela brings this unique and privileged perspective to the story of Fatima, going beyond a chronicle of the events to the theological meaning of the Fatima message, as well as taking a deeper look at the lives and spiritualities of each of the three seers. Relying on her extensive research as a postulator advice postulator for their causes and on her own personal story touched early by suffering only to be healed by the embrace of Our Lady of Fatima, she helps readers discover the relevancy of this message for our post-modern world.

For many years, Sr. Angela has traveled the world and spoken to thousands of people. Now, for the first time in print, she gives her profound testimony about Fatima. Her hope is that she may take each of us inside the light—the light that is God—that washed over the three shepherd children on that miraculous spring day in 1917.

Author Bio
Sister Angela is a world-renowned expert and speaker on Our Lady of Fatima. She was asked by the Pontiff to serve as Postulator for the Cause of Jacinta and Francisco Marto and is currently serving as Vice Postulator for the Cause of Servant of God Sr. Lucia. Sr. Angela is the first woman in church history to be named to the office of Postulator. She is a medical doctor and has an advanced degree in religious sciences.