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Mysteries of the Rosary

Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries

Anne Catherine Emmerich

136 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

The Most Holy Rosary is one of the greatest prayers in the history of the Church. Garnished as it is with the testimony of saints and Popes for the last thousand years, the only greater prayers the Mass and the Divine Office. It is a prayer for the people, to be said over and over, and yet, many still seek ways to enter into the deeper mansions of spiritual richness to be found in this devotion.

If you seek to reap the full harvest of this bountiful prayer, focus on the mysteries to better follow the life of our Lord through the eyes of Our Blessed Lady. Many books have been produced over the years, employing various methods of meditation.

Here, however, stands as a unique work, arranged through the eyes of the great mystic, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Discover her magnificent and terrifying visions that will bring the Rosary to life and help you to more fully contemplate the lives of Jesus and Mary in this great prayer.

The visions of Blessed Anne Catherine will help you live the life of Christ in your own life. You cannot help to be drawn closer to Him after experiencing the joys and sorrows of Jesus and His Mother in The Mysteries of the Rosary.

Author Bio
A Catholic mystic and visionary.