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How to Keep From Losing Your Mind

Educating Yourself Classically to Resist Cultural Indoctrination

Deal Hudson

384 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

Liberal education is nothing other than the acquisition of a free mind.

Unfortunately, too many of us have a mind shackled by ideologies and moved by outside forces. We're pulled and pushed by trends and the prevailing culture. Higher education has become ridiculously expensive and is producing graduates whose minds are anything but free, filled as they are with the prejudices of their teachers.

Only when we break these shackles and habitually exercise a free mind can we call ourselves liberally educated.

In How to Keep from Losing Your Mind, Deal Hudson will show you how to avoid the false open-mindedness and groupthink of the modern “-isms” promoted by the PC arbiters of our cultural milieu. Instead you'll learn to:

  • Form the habit of reconsideration, the key to a truly open mind
  • Entertain doubts about your own immediate opinions
  • Argue coherently from first principles, instead of repeating ideological talking points
  • Recognize prejudice and propaganda
  • Avoid sloganeering and engage in real thought

This book will enable every person to rise above the shouting, the name-calling, and the brutal incivility of public discourse and rediscover the pleasure and benefit of contemplating the meaning and noble aims of human life.

Author Bio

Deal W. Hudson taught philosophy for 15 years at three major universities; published, edited, and managed print and digital magazines for over 20 years; founded, led, and managed a Catholic advocacy organization for seven years; created the strategy to lead Catholic outreach in four national elections (three winning); and created and managed three Catholic websites.

In February 2014, Dr. Hudson launched a radio show, “Church and Culture,” on the Ave Maria Radio Network which airs twice a week, Saturday and Sunday, in all the major media markets in the country. And in January 2015, Dr. Hudson launched “The Christian Review” (www.thechristianreview.com).