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A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Romance

Rose Sweet

192 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

Calling all Catholic women! Has your longing for real romance never really been satisfied? Have you been let down by love or marriage? Are you tired of asking God for happily ever after? Hope is here. In this her latest in the series all about romance! —noted author Rose Sweet reveals the truth behind flowers, love letters, and the deepest desires of the heart.

The Catholic Woman's Guide series integrates classic Catholic theology (Theology of the Body and teachings on contemplative prayer) with Sweet's unique brand of story and humor and will help you to find and hold on to authentic happiness, love, and joy in every area of your life. In this second volume, The Catholic Women's Guide to Romance, Sweet takes you through the doorway of romance that leads deep into the “Interior Life.” Topics include:

  • Expressing love in rites and rituals
  • Seeing romance in religion
  • Lusting for love in ways that hurt us
  • Hearing the Bridegroom and saying “yes”
  • Understanding the meaning of Scripture
  • Unveiling the secrets hidden in the Mass

Sweet reveals the “Seven Stages of Romance” and points to the places we often get stuck or lost. Her most surprising secret of all will fill you with joy at the extravagant love God has for you!

The Adventure awaits! Accompany Rose through the portal of romance to the Love that never fails!

Author Bio
Rose Sweet is a popular speaker and author of numerous books on relationship healing and strengthening. Helping people “put religion into relationships,” she draws on the timeless beauty of the Catholic faith to inspire singles, married, divorced, remarried, stepparents, and just about anyone looking for authentic love and lasting happiness. Rose is married and lives in California.