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Christ Denied

Orgin of the Present Day Problems in the Catholic Church

Rev. Fr. Paul Wickens

51 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
At last! An expose of who caused the turmoil in the Church today. Names names. The author is a busy parish priest who was so concerned he just had to write this book.
Author Bio
The Rev. Father Paul A. Wickens was an American priest and author of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Born in 1930 at Newark, New Jersey, he received his education from the St. Rose of Lima parish school and Seton Hall Prep University. After discovering his vocation to the priesthood and entering the Immaculate Conception Major Seminary in Darlington, he received Holy Orders in 1955. Known as the "Hammerer of Heretics," he also found the time to author such works as Christ Denied and Husband and Wife, the former of which was published by TAN in 1982. Father Wickens died in July of 2004.