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The Rise And Growth of the Anglican Schism

Rev. Fr. Dr. Nicolas Sander

414 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
First published around 1573, and known as the "earliest; most trustworthy account" of the Reformation in England. Contains a variety documentation that defies description, like the revelation that proposes Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second "wife," was actually his illegitimate daughter. Later finished by Fr. Rishton, the whole ghastly story of the Protestant revolt in England—with all its unsavory characters—is told through 1587 and the murder of Mary Queen of Scots (rightful heir to the throne) under Elizabeth I. 528 pgs;
Author Bio
The Rev. Doctor Nicholas Sander, D.D., was a priest and author of the sixteenth century. Born around 1530, he eventually became a Fellow of New College, Oxford, and received Holy Orders circa 1562. His widely circulated The Rise and Growth of the Anglican Schism was written around 1573 and first published in 1585 in Latin. Commonly used by Reformation History writers, Father Sander's work was also republished by TAN in 1988.