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The Life & Work of Mother Louise Margaret Claret

Containing a Message from Our Divine Lord for the Clergy of the World

Rev. Fr. Patrick O'Connell

258 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
A 20th-century Saint; Margaret Mary who received revelations from Our Lord about His irrepressible love for mankind and how He desires to communicate it to the world. This book will surprise readers with its profundity and many spiritual revelations.
Author Bio
The Rev. Father Patrick O'Connell, B.D., was a priest and author of the twentieth century. His The Life and Work of Mother Louise Margaret, which was gathered from original sources, records the love and care with which St. Margaret Mary Alacoque gave her life to God. Father O'Connell's work was originally published by the Irish Members of the Priests' Universal Union of the Friends of the Sacred Heart, with the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. It was also printed by TAN in 1987.