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Conformity of the the Human Will to the Divine

Rev. Fr. Jeremias Drexelius, S.J.

428 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
A 17th century classic on conforming our will with God's will. Uniformity with God's will is the easiest way to achieve peace of heart and happiness in this world, and this book is the best guide to discovering God's will for us and living it out in our daily lives. Impr. 428 pgs,
Author Bio
Father Jeremias Drexelius, S.J., was born in 1581 at Augsburg, Germany. Initially brought up as a Lutheran, he converted to the Catholic faith in his youth and later became a Jesuit. He subsequently taught rhetoric at Dillingen, and served as a court preacher to Maximilian I for over two decades. It has been said that Father Drexelius' voice was strong enough to be heard in every corner of the Church, and his homilies were such as an hour felt as only a few minutes. In 1621 he retired from preaching, and authored twenty works that have been widely read and translated. Some of his books include Heliotropium, The School of Patience, The Christian Zodiac, and Daniel, Prophetarum Princeps. He died on the nineteenth of April, 1638.