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Indulgence Quizzes

To a Street Preacher

Rev. Fr. Leslie Rumble

32 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
44 Questions and Answers on Indulgences--what they are and are not, how they work, the Church's authority to grant them, indulgences in Scripture and the early Church, abuses and supposed sale of indulgences, etc.
Author Bio
Father Charles Mortimer Carty worked with the radio and the press for twenty-four years in the twentieth century. He and Father Leslie Rumble of Australia founded the St. Paul, Minnesota-based Radio Replies Press, through which they distributed thousands of Catholic books and pamphlets. Father Charles wrote the bulk of Padre Pio: The Stigmatist while living at San Giovanni Rotondo, visiting the saint. He afterwards toured the United States and gave sermons on St. Pio. He died during one of these tours on May 22, 1964, in Pennsylvania