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The Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello


Rev. Fr. William R. Bonniwell

128 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
Hunchback, midget, blind, lame and ugly. Walled in next to a chapel for 14 years; abandoned by her parents at a shrine, she grew in virtue and fame. Her body remains incorrupt. One of the most inspiring stories we have ever read! 128 pgs,
Author Bio
Father William R. Bonniwell, O.P., spent a large part of his life as a Dominican priest and scholar. He was ordained in 1914 and went on to become the Director of the Preachers' Institute at Washington, D.C. He also spent a considerable amount of time in Italy while gathering information on Blessed Margaret. Father Bonniwell is also the author of Liturgical Spirit of Lent, History of the Dominican Liturgy, Interpreting Sunday Mass, What Think You of Christ?, and Martyrology of the Sacred Order of Preachers. He died in 1984 after nearly suffering blindness.