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Jackie and Creativity go to School

Lynda Hope

34 pages
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"The Creatively Creative Story about Creativity," ™ proudly presents the first in a series of creativity books for children 4-8 years old and their parents. Together, they will recognize and embrace their own creativity. For the first time, Creativity is colorfully personified. Jackie, a six year old boy, loves his Creativity. They explore, imagine and create unlimited possibilities until their first day of first grade… OH NO!! So many rules!! And on top of that, Fear, Hate, Anxiety, Gloom and Despair are lurking about, threatening to turn their world upside down. However, Courage, Happy, Joy and Hope are not about to let anything happen to their good friends, Jackie and Creativity!
Author Bio
Lynda Hope always knew her creative gifts were from Source and key to her true happiness. Over 35 years ago, Lynda created the concept for the Creativity Series. It took years to research, illustrate, compose the music and develop the story. The message is just as important today as it was back then. Parents, teachers and society, must encourage children to love and nurture their creative spark, which is the essence of who they are.The art of becoming is extremely expansive and Lynda thrives in this environment. Her strong spiritual roots have connected her to so many opportunities; nightclub performer, illustrator, cantor, chaplain, meditation instructor and wise aging facilitator. She has followed her excitement all her life.Her greatest accomplishment however, was raising two amazingly spiritual and creative daughters, Jody and Cheryl. Having had an extremely supportive mother, who was an artist, Lynda continues this legacy.Visit: www.creativitystory.com