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Why Can't I Be Like Her?

Linda Zito Dwight Nacaytuna

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This is an easy reading, straight forward, short inspiring story for children of all ages. One of the main character’s in this book, named ‘Flywise’ answers to ‘Whygirl’s’ low self-esteem questions and encourages ‘Whygirl’ into thinking positive thoughts about herself and guides her into a way of self-belief.
Author Bio
Linda Zito was born in 1975, and raised and married in Adelaide, South Australia. Her profession was desktop publishing until she gave birth to the first of her three children. From that time on, she dedicated herself to rasing her three wonderful girls. As a mother, she is constantly searching for ways to give her family the happiest, healthiest, and most positive way of life she possibly can. She decided to write this book primarily to help her children understand and five them the tools to a more positive way of thinking, and more importantly, encourage self-belief, which she believes is a great path ot a child's happiness within. Linda decided taht if her children can benefit from this, why not publish and share this book with every other child and allow them also to be inspired and encouraged about the opportunity of a more positive way of life for all.