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Journey to China

Louane K. Beyer

108 pages
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Journey to China is an unforgettable story that sweeps the reader not only into adventures when a family of six from a small desert farming community in the southwestern United States begin the trip to China. Share their adventures as they experience China’s centuries-old customs battling with modern-day philosophies as an economic and militaristic country. As they learn to bridge the language barrier, there is new respect for the Chinese people who have been inventors, artists, musicians, and more for over three thousand years. In the countryside, the families find a quiet and calm environment. On the return trip home, they encounter an earthquake within the Ring of Fire followed by a tidal wave that may jeopardize their lives along with the other 300 passengers in a crippled airplane. Will they be able to utilize their ingenuity and create a miracle to save themselves?

Author Bio

Louane Beyer, a retired business executive, lives in Wilton, Minnesota, with her husband, Roger. She is so pleased with the end result of this book, Journey to China. With the assistance of each of the grandchildren, the book offers more than just a story. It is an educational experience viewed through the lens of intergenerational cooperation. Though it is a fictional adventure, each of the author’s family members can be seen in the characters of the book. Her aim has been to offer books for young adults to encourage them to read meaningful material that they can relate to and remember for all their lives. This is the last of this series and we can look forward to a new direction from this author.